Graphing Bench Press Statistics with SAS SGPLOT and SGPANEL

Outside of my work environment, I am a big user of the gym! I have been tracking my Flat Bench Press Statistics since August, and have now thought of a few good ways to plot my progress.

The graph below shows the maximum weight I bench pressed within my workouts, and I’ve gone from 90kg to 120kg in 3 months!

Please click on the image to make it clearer!

Maximum Weight I Bench Pressed within my workouts

Another way to look at my progress is to include the average weights I bench pressed. This is done by using the Band Statement in SGPLOT.

Average and Maximum Weight Range I Bench Pressed

It’s also good to see the actual amount of Reps and Sets that were done at each weight throughout the weeks! This is demonstrated with SGPANEL. You can see that in August I was bench pressing around 7 reps maximum of 90kg, and within a few months (Novemeber) this went up to 7 reps of 100kg! I’m very proud of this! One of my targets are to do 10 reps of 100kg (2 plates), and then another target is to do 1 rep of 140kg (3 plates)

Actual Reps and Sets I Bench Pressed

I keep you updated on my progress!